MyCp, interactive Copy installer for Puppy Linux

Here you are MyCp, Copy installer for Puppy Linux, with an interactive GUI including information messages, as well as action and error management, to know what you do on your system.
If you choose spot instead of root at installation, everytime you will run Copy, it will start as this user. No manual change needed by user in scripts or customised launchers; just click Copy entry in Internet menu, or run in a terminal *copy*. Simple in both circumstances. Anyway, for both users, if you need a desktop launcher, drag and drop the same /usr/bin/copy on your desktop and assign /usr/share/pixmaps/copy.png icon.
Pay attention, now: when you will uninstall my package, it will not remove your Copy configuration directories in your home (for root: /root/Copy, /root/.copy - for spot: /root/spot/Copy, /root/spot/.copy), as they have created by Copy program, not by my installer. Remove manually, if you sure you will not reinstall Copy in the future.
This package is available in my repository, pet packages section, up to newer version (from which will be overwritten).

Enjoy! :)

Posted on 2 Aug 2014, 1:50 - Category: Cloud storages, file synchronizers
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