Xbatalarm 2.0 is out!

What is Xbatalarm? Click here to know.

Version 2.0 changelog:
- optimized code
- GUI tool to set battery alert percentage and time between alerts (called by Menu > System > Xbatalarm Settings or /usr/bin/xbatalarm-config).
- default percentage is set at 15% and time to 30 seconds
- settings are now stored in configuration file /etc/xbatalarm/xbatalarm.conf
- no reboot or restart needed anymore
- rc.local entry instead of /root/Startup link (to avoid one or more launches of Xbatalarm in case of X session crash)

This 2.0 software version contains more text than older ones, so NLS old packages can't be used.

Puplet developers
Let me know if you include Xbatalarm in your puplet. I'll inform my blog readers.

Enjoy! :)

Posted on 15 Jul 2014, 1:47 - Category: Laptop utilities
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