Access denied image from this blog: what this means

If you have linked one of the resources from this blog (e.g. an image) in your web pages, you are inline-linking (a.k.a. deep-linking or hotlinking) that resource in a manner that costs, to this blog, bandwidth, space (logs here increase only for your requests!) and time to manage.
Remember that unauthorized links, to this blog resources, infringe disclaimer.
An access denied image (look above) that comes in your site, instead of original blog one linked by you, means that you have to copy and upload to your server the resource you want to serve by your site, unlinking this blog.
If that resource is public (took by Internet, in a free manner), you can copy it by legitimate browsing this site, but if it isn't, you have to respect disclaimer.

If in doubt, mail me.

Posted on 15 Jul 2014, 1:53 - Category: FAQ
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